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    Execise Daily to keep your self fit and strong

  • Say NO to Junk Food

    Eat Clean and stay fit and healthy

  • Follow Three E’s to stay healthy and fit

    1-.Eating Right 2-Exercise Regularly. 3-Everyday active.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Fitness Mantra 24



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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Myths About Protein

Myths About Protein

In this article we will discuss about few myths that people are having regarding protein intake, hope this article will answers all their queries and helps in understanding the importance of protein intake for out body.


MYTH 1: Every protein is the same

No, there are so many types of protein at the molecular level (whey, casein, isolate, etc.) For instance: Quick-release proteins like Whey hit the muscles at a faster rate and are therefore quintessential for post/ intra-workout. Sustained-release proteins like Casein have a slower rate of absorption, hence recommended for intake at night.

MYTH 2: Protein is bad for the kidneys

Unless you are on a dialysis or devouring a full tub of protein powder each day, your kidneys will be fine. But, you need to drink a lot of water, when you are digesting a lot of protein. You must drink a good amount of water anyway.

MYTH 3: Whey makes you stink

Smelling bad from high protein, low-carb, low-fat diet does happen. But not due to whey. Your sweat may smell due to urea that your body excretes when you train hard. The best way to escape is to have a balanced meal- include fats and carbs in your diet.

MYTH 4: Weight-loss guarantee with protein

If you are not an active protein user, your body can break-down excess protein into molecular substrates that'll end up going through glycolysis just like carbs. And if you're not using it, it will end up at the same place. So you will get gains, but in your gut.

MYTH 5: Protein makes your bones weak

There are some rumors that protein makes your blood acidic which causes the calcium to leach from the bones, turning them brittle and more prone to injury. Turns out, it is completely untrue. A protein-rich diet has no effect on bone formation or resorption. In fact, it increases calcium absorption in the digestive tract, so as to promote calcium deposition in the bone tissue.

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