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Thursday 10 November 2016

5 Things you should do before you go running!

5 Things you should do before you go running!

Any exercise is good exercise, but nothing can beat running when it comes to losing weight. Going for a run may sound very simple, but a lot is to be taken care of, before you actually go for a run.

It’s good to run fast, but imagine of you ran smart.

Milind Soman running
Milind Soman running (Pic Courtesy: India Today)

From eating a healthy snack to drinking ample amount of water, there are several pre-running rituals that you should follow.

1: Drink Water

This is one of the most important and known things that you should do before you go for a run. But only few of us do us in an appropriate manner.

Hydrating self is important but one shouldn’t overdo it. It is very difficult to actually calculate how much amount of water you need to drink, as it depends from person to person.


There are many things that need to be taken care of: like the weather and the distance you are planning to cover.

Do NOT over hydrate yourself, as it will cause stomach ache within minutes of running.

2: Stretching

Perhaps a light cardio or normal stretching exercise would do. You do not want to feel the stress in your muscles when you run.


This will result in further pain in your joints. Wear proper shoes, and always remember that running shoes are always light shoes. Running barefoot is more advisable if you are comfortable and have been practicing it!

3: Eat Well

Eating well before you go for a run is very important. Do not load yourselves with carbohydrates in one big meal, but instead, consume carbs the entire day.


You also need proteins for rebuilding the muscles and all aspects of normal body function. Try to stay away from spicy food, and add a healthy dose of vegetables.

4: Set a Goal


From a different place to the time of running, always run for a purpose. Setting a goal for yourself will help to achieve that goal more effectively. Because to get something, knowing what you want is very important.

5: Play Nice Songs

This one is optional! Sometimes some pump up song encourages us to go out and do some exercise. So play your favorite song, and get ready for some good running. Music will elevate your mood and your energy level.


But what most people do not know that listening to a good song actually maintains your heart rate.

Article Original Source : veritenews

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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Few Important tips, when you plan to cut down extra pounds of fat from your body.

Few Important tips, when you plan to cut down extra pounds of fat from your body.

 1:  Set a target of reducing weight on your priority list. Until you do not do  this, you have no chance of reducing weight.

Do what you like and like what you do. I have never liked to go on walk by waking early, so whenever i have started this i have failed miserably. For example:- suppose you like dancing then go for dancing, take aerobics classes for that.


 2: You have to change your eating habits, its the root cause of weight gain. Take 2000 calories (varies with your age) a day and you are safe and wont gain weight. Avoid high calories items. For example:

 a: Samosas has 200–250 calories
 b: Kaju barfi 200 calories
 c: 1 Chaptai 100
 d: Fruits 40–100 calories per 100 gm

 3: Now that you have limited consumption of foods. You can proceed with physical attributes which are

Choose any physical activities you like  badminton, tennis, walk, run, squash, dance gym etc.

Only 1 hrs a day is enough. You will sweat 200–500 calories which is enough. 500 calories shortage will reduce 1 pound of weight in 1 weeks, simple maths.

Be motivated all the time

 4: Few more advice that may expedite the growth of loosening fat.

  a: Every morning whenever you wake up, even before you go to pee, just drink at least half a litre of water. DRINK 3–4 litres of water in a day or till your pee comes white (till your pee is transparent). 
Your BODY STORES WATER WEIGHT OF 3–4 kgs. So if you are not water deficient your body will be assured and loose those waters. ITS TRUE

  b: Drink green tea in spite of tea in the morning time.

  c: Consume more of protein foods/ fibre fruits and less of oily foods. pulses, curd and salads should be included in lunch.

  d: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. You all have heard this. Reason to eat less at dinner is that your body repairs tissues while you r sleeping. Thus if you don't have enough meal than your body will take energy from your fats only

Believe in yourself , you can and you will.


Hope this articles will help and motivate in reducing weight , Please put your queries under comments section.

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