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  • Say NO to Junk Food

    Eat Clean and stay fit and healthy

  • Follow Three E’s to stay healthy and fit

    1-.Eating Right 2-Exercise Regularly. 3-Everyday active.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Stay Fit Even When Hard Workouts Aren’t Possible

Stay Fit Even When Hard Workouts Aren’t Possible

Those marathon crossfit workouts at the gym? They’re fantastic for burning calories and toning muscle, but they’re not always possible and hardly advisable if you’re sick or injured. So, there’s no choice but to sit back on the couch, turn on the TV and binge watch your favorite series with a bag of chips in hand. That’s not true, and you know it. Fitness is not a matter of huffing and puffing and heaving and straining until you have no strength left to give. You can stay healthy in other ways, even when life’s been unkind to your poor body. Here are a few suggestions.

Cross-Fit Stay Fit Even When Hard Workouts Aren't Possible

Stick to Your Diet

This isn’t always easy with temptation lurking in every fast-food joint and junk food aisle of the supermarket, and that shows in modern Americans’ expanding waistlines as they consume 25 percent more calories than they did in the 1970s. If you’re no king or queen of the kitchen, consider ordering from a meal delivery service as they’ll serve up dishes made from the freshest produce and in portions that won’t bust your belt.

Ride a Bike

The best thing is you get your workout just by pedaling down to the store to pick up some milk. Someone who weighs around 150 pounds would burn off a cool 95 calories in just 10 minutes at a leisurely pace of just 12 to 14 miles per hour. And if you want to want to step up the difficulty, just change the route to add a bit of uphill climb.

Try Yoga

Although this form of exercise and meditation proves more strenuous than some presume, there are ways to go about it even when you’re under the weather. The key is to listen to your body and follow its signals, yielding to an easier style such as restorative or kundalini if you can’t handle difficult poses at the moment.

Plunge Into Pilates

It’s the close cousin of yoga but involves some machines as well as work on the mat, with a strong focus on core strength along with flexibility. You can begin at home with some simple exercises such as leg circles and scissor kicks, which you’ll find in Self’s simple guide to the basics. If that’s appealing, there are dozens of additional techniques to try.

Start Power Walking

It may look silly to some, but they probably haven’t tried it. With an exaggerated swing of the arms and hips, you’ll trim and tone your thighs, buttocks, abs, and shoulders without the high impact on the joints that you get from running. The technique requires some attention, but with practice, you’ll reach a rapid pace and an elevated heart rate for burning calories.

Jump in the Water

A session of low-impact aquatic aerobics builds muscle while increasing endurance. What’s more, you can increase the intensity without risking any damage to your bones and joints, as the water acts as the ultimate cushion while offering ample resistance to movement, says a writer at Get Healthy U. Burn fat, gain strength, and have fun. It’s simple.

Go for a Hike

Choose your trail wisely, as you don’t want to take off on a hundred-mile trek through the Rockies while you’re nursing an injured knee. A nice nature walk would be more like it, and you’ll get all the fresh air and sunshine your body and soul require along with a decent cardio workout. Remember to bring water and something warm to wear in your backpack.

Paddle Around

Do you live near a river, lake, or sea? If so, then you’re missing out on an excellent and enjoyable workout if you’re not kayaking or canoeing. There’s a bit of a financial outlay involved, but it’s worth the pleasure you’ll get while trimming and toning with each stroke of the paddle.

You may find that your new fitness routine works just as well as the old one, if not better. And with less stress and strain, you can continue without your joints telling you to stop.

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