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How to Maintain Weight: Not a Frequently Asked Question

How to Maintain Weight: Not a Frequently Asked Question
How to maintain weight is a very important question that sadly, is NOT asked by many. The normal trend in the fitness industry is to either ask ‘how to lose weight’ or ‘how to gain weight’. These general questions are then accompanied by a few other related questions. But very few ask about how to maintain weight.
Once you lose weight or gain weight, your happiness knows no bounds. But what about maintaining your weight? This is the simplest, yet, most difficult part.


Without wasting any more time, let us take a peek at the 7 aspects you need to keep in mind on how to maintain weight loss, and not allow the lost weight to creep in.
  • How to Maintain Weight #1: Continue Exercising

The most vital aspect of maintaining your weight is exercising, getting yourself involved in physical activities and staying active. Losing weight and being happy about it does not mean you will get back to your sedentary lifestyle and forget all about exercising. EXERCISING IS MOST EFFECTIVE FOR WEIGHT MAINTENANCE.
  • How to Maintain Weight #2: Careful Eating

Careful eating is the second-most vital aspect of maintaining weight. Whatever dieting you did for weight loss or fat loss, it has taught you food and eating management. Now, how to maintain weight would involve that knowledge and how you would keep following those guidelines told to you at the time of weight loss. No overeating, no filling yourself with food, no empty stomach for long.
  • How to Maintain Weight #3: Use Small Plates while Eating

Don’t start eating from big plates; it makes you eat more for sure. Keep the “small plate” eating habit and you can maintain your weight easily.
  • How to Maintain Weight #4: No Skipping Meals

Please don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Don’t go back to your old practice of skipping breakfast, now that you have lost the desired weight. Make sure to eat 3 hearty meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner—in controlled portions, in moderation.
  • How to Maintain Weight #5: Water is your Friend

Do not forget to drink minimum 8 glasses of water on regular basis – be winter, be summer. This is a must. Water helps in getting rid of harmful toxins from the body and this is absolutely necessary.
  • How to Maintain Weight #6: Healthy Sleeping Pattern

To maintain weight, you need to fix a healthy sleeping pattern. Also, make sure your sleep timings do not fluctuate. For example, 10 pm to 4 am/5 am—try maintaining this time. Time fluctuations, over time, would cause unnecessary health issues.

Wrap Up

How to maintain weight is not an out-of-the-world task! MOTIVATION is the key. Keep yourself motivated all the time; don’t depend on others to motivate you. Then it will lead to your depression.
Article Original  Source:  OBESITY CENTRAL
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