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Summer Best time for Weight Loss

Summer Best time for Weight Loss

If you want to get into shape and want to cut down those extra pounds of fat, now is the best time to start. Summer is setting in and being slim and healthy in this season does not mean you have to go on a strict diet, say experts.

  • In fact, summer and winter are season that heavily affect your metabolism. During the summer months your metabolism is naturally boosted; whereas during the winter it slows. This makes the summer months more suitable in producing results than winter.

  • Drastic weight loss is easily possible in summers as compared to winters because one can exercise more in the season, does not overeat because of the slow body system and at the same time can consume more fluids that fill up the body. All these lead to a major weight loss,"
Weight Loss in summers

Below i am going to list out few points that will shed down some extra pounds during summer and helps in achieving good physique

1: Exercise

Anytime should be a good time to lose excess weight as it is the questions of one's health. However, people are more motivated in summers as there are many low cost fitness gym packages will be floating near around and summers is also a vacation time and people will get more free time.

Exercising generates heat in the body that will add up with the summers heat and will quick up the body metabolism and thus helps in weight loss.
But don't over exercise as that may cause dehydration.

2: Diet

One should start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and honey. For a tea drinker, it should be a cup of tea with Marie biscuits and two or three walnuts or almonds. This should be followed by a breakfast - one can have muesli, oats, cornflakes with egg white and then for afternoon normal meal and  finally night meal at the closing of the day

Add more juices to your diet plan like 

  •  Buttermilk or chaas mixed with a little bit of ginger and mint.
  •  Aam ka panna i.e. raw green mango with mint and sugar mix with glucose and electoral.
  •  Lemon juice mint salt and sugar mix with glucose and electoral. Limes are high in bioflavonoids and other antioxidant which help protect against.
  • Watermelon juice  as watermelon is a tasty and a  very inexpensive fruits, One good way to eat it is in watermelon soup. Soup has a low energy density, since it contains a lot of water. That means you get fewer calories for the same weight of food. You'll fuller faster and eat fewer calories later, which means your body will burn through stored fat.

Here are some additional dieting tips:

 It's about how much you eat, not what you eat. Exercise firm portion control.

 Avoid empty calories like soda and bread.

 Don't forget to drink lots of water.

 Even if it's just going for a one-hour walk around the neighborhood, make exercise a priority.

 Eats lots of fruit and vegetables.

 Eat smaller, more frequent meals.

 Stop when you're satisfied, not when you're full. You don't need to clean your plate.

 Eat whole grain breads.

 Treat yourself occasionally.

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