Monday 20 June 2016

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

As most of us think weight loss and Fat loss are same, In both of the cases body weight goes down. But there is a huge difference between them one leads to positive impact on your body while other may leave a negative impact on your body.

In this article we will understand what exactly "Weight-Loss" and "Fat-Loss" means ? Are they both same? If not what’s the difference between them

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

If you ever had these questions, I’m sure after reading this post it’ll all be crystal clear to you. 

Let start with simple basic question about what is Weight Loss and What is Fat Loss?

Weight Loss: 
It is a process of decreasing your overall body-weight, i.e., the total weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat, etc. 

Losing Weight will leave you disappointed with your looks when you achieve your goal weight, your body will appear dull and your body will not be having enough energy 
what you need to perform day to day activities and you will feed tired early.

Fat Loss: 
It is also a process of decreasing your body-weight but here the Weight Loss occurs only because of decreasing your body-fat, i.e., the amount of fat your body carries. 

Losing Fat will improve your Looks and make you appreciate your body when you achieve your goal weight. Fat loss uses stored body fat for energy.

So if it really is weight loss vs fat loss then clearly fat loss wins without a competition. Now on to the next important question.

How to Make Sure You Lose Fat and Not Weight?


  • Eat at a deficit.
  • Hit your daily Micro and Macro requirements without fail.
  • Join a gym and start lifting weights.

Because Strength training will tell your body that you will be needing the muscles to do the lifting which in turn minimizes muscle from being burned for energy. 

So taking muscle out of the equation your body has no other option but to burn fat for energy. Thereby Fat Loss and Not Weight Loss. Getting the point here?

Strength Training also keeps you motivated and stick to your diet. You can do cardio to speed up fat loss. But without strength training, cardio will cause rapid muscle loss and you’ll end up becoming skinny-fat. So it’s best to avoid cardio during cutting phase.

Note: It is impossible to lose fat without experiencing minor muscle loss
Strength Training will only help you minimize muscle loss and there is absolutely no way you can build muscle during cutting phase(losing fat).  

Your body can only be in one state at a time, i.e., It can either be in Anabolic State which is gaining something(building muscle) or Catabolic State which is losing something(burning fat).

Hope this article helps and cleared all your doubts.

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