Tuesday 10 November 2015

High Protein Vegetarian Food Sources....

Most of the time people ask can a vegetarian build up a strong body, if yes then what are the high protein sources.

So dear friends it's not true you cannot grow with an vegetarian diet since it has a wide variety of available proteins and also includes milk.

It doesn't matter whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, what matters is right diet, positive mindset and lot of motivation.

So here i am going to list out few high rich protein sources for vegetarian .

You can refer our previous article in case you need a  Balance Diet Plan

  • Milk: If you can digest milk , consume around 1 to 2 litre in 2 to 3 shifts a day, either in morning or evening. Mix with some protein supplements like Protinex or Nestle Resource High Protein. Both are great sources, and palatable. ( 25 gm protein ).
  • Eat pulses, rajma, chickpeas with chapati, these are easily available in market at cheaper rates.
  • You can have milk with black Chickpeas soaked in water. Chickpeas are high in protein contains 20gm protein in 100gm of chickpeas.
  • Drink Soya milk once a day , natural flavor ( 200ml pack has 7 gm protein , low calorie ).
  • Use  multi grain flour chapati's ( Soya, barley,maize).
  • You can have raw paneer or paneer curries  as paneer is high in protein contains 20gm protein in 100gm .
  • Chapati has protein,salads have protein,oatmeal has protein, muesli has protein. Generate combinations as per your taste.
  • Include a whey protein shake ( 2 scoops a day, one scoop contain 25 gm of protein ). But start whey protein shake after 2 -3 months of workout.
  • Peanut butter : High protein content and a great source of good fats.

So don't think you are vegan, work hard , stay motivated , changes will be visible...

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