Saturday 24 October 2015

The Very First Day at Gym......

So finally you have decided to come out from your comfort zone and looking forward to your very first day at gym.
Before coming to gym you will be having some glamorous thoughts, that you will do this, that and trainer will help you something like that....

First Day at Gym no ExcusesBut things will be different when you enter the very first day at gym, it might be very scary for the Gym Virgins, new faces, machines will be every where, everyone will be doing different stuff.If you’re going to the gym for the first time, there are a lot of things you should know.

But don't worry , we are here with  all the stuff ready to make your day awesome. lets start one by one ......

a) Don' t forget to bring Water bottle filled with Glucose Mixture

 As this is your first day at gym , you are going to do some activities that your body is not use to do,so you will be tired very early or you may sweat more , and  your body will get dehydrated.
Drinking water Mixed with Glucose
Dehydration occurs when the amount of water intake is less than amount of water leaving the body .

So water mixed will Glucose will not let your body dehydrated and you will feel energetic.

anyways drinking more water is always good for health , but don't drink too much water while you are doing exercise, take few sips of water on regular intervals to avoid dehydration in your body.

b) Look out for lockers:
First thing once you enter to gym , is to search for lockers so that you can keep all your things inside locker , that are not required for your training , make your body free from the things which are not going to use while doing exercise, like keys, bags, mobile etc.

More your body is free more you will concentrate on exercise other wise you will keep on worrying that my mobile will fell down while doing exercise or some thing else....

c)  Talk to trainer and know your Basics First. 

Don't try to hurry up for exercises , first talk to trainer understand the things, As initially you don’t know how to use all the equipment, 
what weights you can handle and what are the correct postures for doing exercise.

Make sure your trainer knows that your goal is to be introduced to all the equipment and learn how to use it properly. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick things up and become very comfortable.

Proper understanding of gym equipment and usage will avoid your body from getting unnecessary body cramps.

 Knowing the basics before you begin will go a long way towards building your confidence, putting you at ease, and keeping you safe and healthy too.

d) Don't Over Do it on very first day

This is one of the common mistake that most of the new comers do on their first day. Plan to do work out approximately for 30 to 45 minutes rather than doing for an hour or more.

dont-overdo-Gym-excercisesAs your body is not use to for this type of sudden changes , you will feel more pain in your body on
the next very day, Pain is common once you start the gym.

So don't get afraid that your muscles feeling pain, it will be there for one week after that when your body becomes use to for such changes ,further you won't feel any body pain.

So it its suggest to do mix exercises for first two weeks with light weight, don't go for heavy weight for one month, stabilize your body , develop your body strength and then go for more

So do not push yourself in heavy weights immediately,rather go for full body work-outs for a couple of weeks (3-4) until you feel you have enough power to go to specific muscle work out.
Most important thing do not expect immediate results, it takes about 4 months to see concrete results (improvements) in your body ...

e) Don't worry what other's think about it.

I know this is the most common questions in every beginners mind ," what other will think ".I to have same question when i started my gym.But friends don't bother what other will think of you.
what other will think..Gym

You have to focus on for what reason you came here, and what are your goals and how to achieve your goals and how much hard effort you have to keep to achieve your goals.

If you able to do one set , which others are able to 10, don't worry what they are thinking about you, you just make you mind motivated , one day i  will do 10 for sure .....

f) Few Golden Rules that everyone must follow 

Golden Rules For GYM

i: Beware of Chatterers   

In every gym you will find few people who are every time looking for an opportunity to tell you every problem and drama that has ever occurred in their lives and will eat most of your Gym time, so Beware of such people..   

ii: Rack the Weights after use.

If you are done with your exercise , rack up the weight , don't simply keep the weight lying there, it some time hurt people.Simple If you pick it up, keep them back..

iii: No Sweat

If you sweat on it, wipe it with a towel. Always carry one when you gym. You definitely don’t like lying down on someone else’s sweat, nor would others like lying on yours.

iv: Respect time limits:

 During peak hours respect time limits mentioned over machine, use the machine for that time limit, don't simply sit on that machine and do chat chatting ,wasting other time.

v: Don't make Noise

It's common when people are lifting more weight ,they create some grunting short of noise or some time use abusive languages, please try to avoid this things some people won't feel comfortable with this,.

Hope with these tips, you should do well on your way to achieve perfect fitness . Not only will this help you get a better body, it will also make the gym a better place.

what exercise we need to do on very first day that we  i will post on next post...


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