Friday 23 October 2015

Why this Blog Started.......???

Welcome to the FitnessMantraHub Blog . I 'm 26 year old guy, Software Engineer by profession and Fitness,trekker enthusiastic by passion.
My Motive behind creating this blog is to guide and motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Let me tell you from where is got motivation to start this blog...

During my college days i use to be lean and fit ,After Finishing my college, I joined job, In job mostly my time use to spend sitting on chair for more than 8 hours and during those hours i used to eat junk food, snacks, cold drinks...

This keep on going for about 2 years, later i re-liaised that i got extra weight and big belly, and my body stamina is gone,I can't run continuously even for 200 meters.

One day while standing in front of mirror i said to myself "look at yourself,how you look , like a fat ass"

Then that day i decided lets do it....:):)

Initially it was very difficult for me to get up early in morning and go for run and gym, But i made my mind no you have to do it.

Some times i got  disappointed as people around me used to pass comments "you can not do it".  
but these comments made me more stronger and made me to back more stronger....
As some one already said
"nothing is impossible” its up to you how you want to transform yourself.


My motive was to get fit and keep body lean. i never targeted for heavy body building. then slowly i started  losing weight.

Once you start doing it , and you achieve something , people will start praising it.

After one year of dedicated effort , i came back to my shape which i use to have in my college days, lean and fit. During this period i controlled on my diet and followed a balanced diet plan.

So be confident ,stay motivated , you hard work will be paid and changes will visible.

Then i thought lets share, guide and motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle,  this learning to others.....
Living healthy and fit life  will give a some different type of Confidence that will help you to tackle difficult situations.

MotivationLife is an learning journey , so learn and share , Real Happiness is in sharing  it may be in any form i.e knowledge, things, Sorrows etc.

This blog initiative is to guide people how to keep themselves as healthy and fit.

Our motive to provide various Exercises tips , Diet plan Guidance, home remedies for Weight loss and many other small small tips how to keep yourself healthy and fit...

One more things , "Be Patient  Good Things Take Time "

If you have any things to share ,feel free to contact ....

sorry for bad English .....:):)